Convex Barriers

The flanges, or the skin barriers, on ostomy pouching systems typically come in flat or convex. Convex Flanges have a degree of protrusion on the sticky side of the barrier, unlike flat flanges that have none. This protrusion slightly alters the shape of the skin surrounding the stoma to provide additional tension, allowing the pouching system to stick more securely. This offers a better seal and improved wear time. Skin Barrier & Ring Accessories can be used with either type of flange.


NewLeaf Home Medical offers Convex Barriers that are either pre-cut or cut-to-fit. Other available features include belt tabs and tape borders, which provide security and boost the user’s confidence. We also have moldable skin barriers that are designed for extended wear. Find the perfect Convex Flange for your everyday needs or browse our Flat Barrier options.

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