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Face Mask Protection

Protective Face Masks cover the user's mouth and nose, and are designed to prevent the spread of pollutants, allergens, pathogens, and more. General use Level 1 rated masks are affordable options to meet standard use requirements for low-fluid environments like patient exams, at work, in home, running errands, and at school. While N95 masks offer the highest degree of Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) protection, greater than 99%. N95 masks are typically used surgical environments where a higher degree of protection is required to reduce airborne particles, fluid resistance, and exposure to blood and other bodily fluids. Note: The use of KN95 and FFP2 respirator masks may be suitable NIOSH alternatives under certain emergency circumstances when N95 masks are unavailable.


NewLeaf Home Medical presents a variety of surgical masks for different environments and purposes. We have various brands of ear loop masks, flat-fold masks, cone-shaped masks, and masks with eye shields and visors. We also carry particulate respirator and surgical masks. Order your supply of surgical masks today!

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