Infant & Children

Infants and children need all the nutrition they can get in order to fully develop. This is especially true when it comes to feeding children who have specific dietary needs or health conditions. They must be given specially formulated nutritional sources so that they can get all the minerals and nutrients they need to manage their condition and sustain their growth.


NewLeaf Home Medical has many available nutritional formulas that are designed for children and infants with special needs and dietary concerns. We have products in powder and liquid form, as well as lactose-free formulas for children with lactose intolerance or gastrointestinal disorders. Choose from the products that we carry and find the right formula that fits the needs of the little ones in your home.

As with any product NewLeaf Home Medical offers, we have a team of devoted, compassionate advisors available to help you by providing answers and guidance based on your specific needs. Please call us at 888.739.4330 for help.