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Patient Lift Slings

Patient Lift Slings are used with Patient Lifts to form a complete patient transfer system. Research is essential when looking for the sling option that is right for you. Height, weight as well as mobility issues are important considerations when selecting a sling. Some slings, such as the Lumex Sit-to-Stand Padded Slings, are designed for use with a specific patient lift.


NewLeaf Home Medical offers a number of Patient Lift Sling options including Universal Slings for everyday use, Bath Slings with an optional commode opening, mesh Patient Slings and solid fabric Patient Slings. Full body slings and slings for specific body parts, such as the head, arms and feet, are also available. 

As with any product NewLeaf Home Medical offers, we have a team of devoted, compassionate advisors available to help you by providing answers and guidance based on your specific needs. Please call us at 888.739.4330 for help.