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Bariatric Beds

Bariatric beds offer an extra wide sleep surface designed to meet the needs of heavier users weighing 450 lbs. to 1,000 lbs. Technology that was previously used only in hospital settings is now available in home products like the models found at NewLeaf Home Medical from top manufacturers Big Boyz Beds, Drive Medical and Invacare.


Bariatric hospital beds meet both the user's and caregiver’s needs. Beds for heavier users require a sturdy, durable yet comfortable construction. They also need to minimize the chance of a caregiver being injured during movement tasks and patient handling. Some of these tasks include transferring the patient in or out of a chair or the bed, turning and repositioning the patient to prevent the patient from suffering pressure sores (bedsores), supporting the patient’s limbs while doing various tasks, helping the patient bathe or use the bathroom.


When placing a bariatric bed in a room, remember to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of space around the bed to accomplish whatever clinical or nursing tasks may arise. Generally, a clearance of five feet on each side as well as at the foot of the bariatric bed would allow enough room for any task that may need to be completed. Electrically operated beds provide a very comfortable sleeping position.

To manage the patient’s circulatory and respiratory problems and ensure pressure relief, the bariatric bed needs to be matched with an alternating pressure mattress or a bariatric mattress. This will ensure that the patient is not being placed on the same area repeatedly and lowers the possibility of an injury.

These electric beds are available in various widths to accommodate the patient comfortably. The widths are 42 inches, 48 inches or 54 inches. These beds are a premium choice for the bariatric patient because of their precision engineering that is combined with their super heavy-duty components. The innovative electronic systems available today in the electric bariatric beds provide a safe, smooth operation. Models offer a 600 to 1000-pound weight capacity.


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