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Foam Pressure Redistribution Mattresses

For those with reduced mobility, the need to spend extended periods in bed is all to real. Prolonged lying down often causes intense bed sores (also known as Decubitus Ulcers). These bed sores are can be found on the elbows, knees, ankles, heels, scapula, hips and head. In order to prevent the occurrence of bed sores, extra attention and care must be given in preparing the bedroom environment.


NewLeaf Home Medical offers Foam Pressure Redistribution Mattresses to address this concern. Pressure Redistribution Mattresses help prevent bed sores by creating a more flexible sleeping surface. This type of mattress enables pressure to be uniformly distributed throughout the body, helping to reduce the formation of painful bed sores. You may additionally be interested in shopping our wide range of Alternating Pressure "Air" Mattresses, which offer more custom control when it comes to pressure redistribution.


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